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Web Publishing Tools - Content Management System (CMS)

Web Publishing Tools - Content Management System (CMS ) Content Management System , ie system for web publishing are designed to easily and quickly manage and publish information on websites and also to spread the responsibility for updating and to several people . There are lots of publishing systems on the market today and it can be difficult to choose . Many of these systems are often complicated and very expensive or not good enough. Joomla, the CMS I stuck to is different!


Picture of Admin section where all the update occurs ( clickable )
Joomla - Best in test !
Joomla is a CMS system based on open source under the GNU / GPL . All over the world there are developers who are continuously developing new features that instance . e-commerce and image galleries etc . The range of guides , plugin , help forums and information is huge , see more at

A Swedish translation team is on where one can find very good information and translations for modules and components . Joomla is free , complete and fully modular controlled . In short, a very good CMS system with all the features to easily manage and share responsibility for a site. Joomla is used by many companies and organizations Ex . use TV3 and ZTV and has received several awards , among them "Best Web Publishing System" in microcomputer No. 1 in 2006, best CMS in 2008, the 2011 Open Source Awards - winner Joomla

Some of the advantages of Joomla CMS:
  • asy to maintain and keep your site fresh
  • Structure the content on your website the way you want
  • The site is administered via a web browser
  • Makes your site more easily found by search engines on the Internet
  • Get clear statistics on how your site is used by visitors
  • Create websites without knowledge of HTML
What do I get started?
Most hosting today has the support needed to run Joomla ( PHP and MySQL ) . The system needs to be installed on a web server and then you are running and can start filling the site with information. Adaptation of the basic layout and basic operation requires some knowledge of web publishing and Joomla , but , We handle all of this if you do not already have your location to create a functional and appealing website
Technology and features
  • Separated layout templates simple adaptation of the layout of the website
  • Scheduled publication of information
  • Search engine friendly content management ( more on search engines )
  • Cache management to increase performance on frequently visited websites
  • Trash Handling of removed content
  • Ability to multi-language management interface and content
  • Contact Directory data
  • Built-in web surveys
  • Management of advertising banners
  • The upload of media ( images, documents )
  • Built-in visitor stats
  • Integrated graphics editor for formatting text and inserting images
  • Rights management of content

All this and much more.

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